2-lb Kitten Nearly Drowns Before Meeting 120-lb Big Sister St. Bernard

There are lots of animal odd couple videos on the internet but the ones I like best are the ones where there’s a back story that adds character. Yes, it’s interesting to see a rhino and a baby goat who are friends, but it’s a lot more interesting if the baby goat was somehow saved from a big cat before the rhino showed up.

Well here’s exactly that kind of odd couple story between a tiny 2-lb kitten that falls in a rainwater barrel and nearly drowns and after she’s rescued, becomes best friends with her rescuer’s 120-lb St. Bernard.

This tiny kitten, Lilo, was exploring one day and fell off of the gutter into a large rainwater barrel. Luckily, the barrel’s owner happened to see it on a surveillance camera. By the time he got to the barrel, Lilo had nearly drowned and was barely alive.

The rescuer takes Lilo home, cleans her up, feeds her and takes her to the vet to ensure she’s okay. He introduces her to the rest of the family–twins, a toddler and his 120-lb St. Bernard, Winnie.

From the very beginning, Winnie treats the tiny Lilo like she’s her big sister. You’ll have to watch the rest–it is so heartwarming. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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