Someone Steals Elderly Man’s Lawnmower – So Anonymous Stranger Buys Him This Gift

From an early age, we get attached to our belongings. The diary, for instance, that has pointless shenanigans to cut up pictures. We never feel happy to give them away.

Typically, with our age climbing the horizon. We shift towards our daily chores and cling to them. Besides, they become the reason we get up from the bed. Just like, Gordon Blakeslee loves mowing his lawn. But due to the pandemic, he was in his son’s house for a few weeks. Someone stole his lawnmower. Mr. Blakeslee is not ready to give up.

Gordon cut up cardboard and hung up a sign in the road. “Bring back my mower, I am 85 years old, and I can’t push”. Even at this age, his chore makes him content. I hope someone finds in their heart to get his mower back. What is your pride possession? Please mention them in the comment section.

Please share the story with your friends and family. Let’s start an internet search of the red 2009 Craftsman riding lawnmower.