Man Finds Doll on Subway Floor – Then Realizes Its a Newborn Baby!

It was just another regular day for Danny Stewart, who was making headway to meet his partner Pete Mercurio for a dinner date. When he stumbles upon something unusual on the floor of the New York subway. From afar, it resembled a lot as a baby doll tucked against the wall. He was amused as to why a baby would ever leave their doll on a station.

On further investigation, he saw the baby’s legs move. Immediately, Danny realized that it was a human baby, not a doll. He then swiftly run to rescue the adorable baby wrapped in a dark sweatshirt. In the interview with BBC, he added, the baby was not appropriately clothed. Furthermore, his umbilical cord was still intact. That meant he was a newborn.

He tried to get the attention of passing by people but no one would stop and this was long before everyone had a cellphone. Danny didn’t want to move the baby in case he was hurt. So, he rushed out of the station and called 911 from the nearest payphone. He detailed the authorities about his whereabouts. He also called his partner Mercurio to update him on the recent events. What happened after is just outstanding and worth the listen.

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