Lambs Play on Children’s Roundabout During Coronavirus Lockdown – Everything Gets Captured

Even though most people are in their homes due to the CoronaVirus pandemic, the outdoors is still stirring with activity. However, it’s not humans who have taken over the world outside! Animals have infiltrated social surroundings to make a fascinating scene!

In the past few weeks, there have been reports of wild animals making appearances in urban areas. Specifically, dolphins are swimming in the rivers of Venice, goats are eating neighborhood hedges, and lambs are playing in public parks! And when Debbie Ellis went during this time of quarantine, she couldn’t believe what she saw!

lambs covid playing

A group of lambs was playing in the roundabout of a children’s park. The adorable cattle probably came to the park to graze on the green grass. However, they found a source of entertainment as well. In the clip, two of these hooved-animals are up on the children’s plaything and are running round-and-round. Furthermore, they seem to be having a blast! Watch the adorable video below:

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