Poor German Shepherd Pup Surrendered to High Kill Shelter Cries Every Day Before Sleep

When people get a pet in the house, they have to remember that it is a lot of responsibility to look after them. They are just like little babies, and you need to constantly check on them. You also need to train them well so that they can grow to be good dogs. But there are some people who take in a puppy in an impulse, then abandon them when they realize how hard it is to look after them. The poor puppy in the following video was also surrendered to a shelter.

This is Jordy. He is said to be around 2 months old. He was taken in by a family in Gardena, California. But soon after, they decided once and for all that he wasn’t going to fit in with the family. They then surrendered him into the Carson Animal Shelter. Sadly, this particular shelter was known to be a high-kill one, since they were struggling with limited resources and space to keep the animals.

This German Shepherd puppy doesn’t deserve this. He has a whole life ahead of him, and he deserves to frolic around under the sun in a big lawn. All he has now are a few chewed up toys that he can play with. Anyone who is interested in him can contact the Los Angeles County Animal Control. Jordy serves as a reminder for everyone to not take in any pets unless you’re willing to take on full responsibility of them.

Check out the full video below:

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