This Gorilla Lost Her Adopted Pet Kitten. But It’s Her Painful Reaction That Had Me Crying Buckets!

Research suggests that gorillas are the closest living relatives of humans after chimpanzees. The genetic makeup of a gorilla is 98% similar to that of humans, so clearly some of their characteristics are same as well. They are no doubt some of the smartest creatures on this planet and the following video shows us how they actually have sentiments akin to humans.

Koko the gorilla is renowned all over for having learned a large number of hand signs from a modified version of American Sign Language. Sometime before this video was shot, she was longing eagerly to be a mother. That’s when she adopted a pet kitten to raise as her own. But one day, the poor cat was killed in an accident. Wait till you see how Koko reacts to the news!

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[ytvid id =”CQCOHUXmEZg”]

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