Kitten Begs Rabbit to be Friends – So Adorable

Here’s a funny video about two animals you think might be natural enemies–cats and rabbits–but it turns out just the opposite here!

We start with this tiny kitten asking the rabbit, who has its back turned if he wants to play. At first the rabbit isn’t interested but the kitten persists and eventually rabbit gives in. After that, it’s game on!

Of course the kitten is a lot more active than the rabbit, so you could say the playing is one-sided.

But the rabbit clearly enjoys the games–it’s ears perk up and he doesn’t really shy away, even if the kitten’s jabs are a little too hard. They roll around on the bed, rub noses, play a little tag and ultimately give us a tremendous show.

Watch the adorable video below and let us know what you think of kitten and rabbit in your Facebook feed!

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