She Didn’t Notice Message on Scoreboard – Watch When She Does

We all love a good proposal video, assuming the person asked says yes. This one has a funny twist–she doesn’t even realize she’s being asked!

Curtis Lahti and Linda Bazalaki were attending the baseball game together but obviously Curtis had called ahead because it was going to be a special night for Linda and him. He talked to the people running the “kiss camera,” which highlights couples sitting next to each other on the big scoreboard and they are supposed to kiss one another.

These cameras can lead to some funny moments–like when they catch two strangers sitting next to each other, or a brother and sister. The reactions range from sweet to hilarious when the two people involved see themselves on the screen.

What makes this kiss-cam moment so special, however, is that everything goes as planned–Curtis and Linda show up on the screen, they kiss each other and the proposal message starts showing across the bottom. The hilarity begins when Linda fails to spot the message. Curtis points and does what he can to call her attention to it, but it takes Linda a while to even see it!

Her reaction, once she does see it, is heartwarming. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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