Woman Asks Kids About The Story Of Christmas. You Will Be In Hysterics When You Hear Their Reply!

Do you know the story of Christmas? Well, we know it as the day Jesus was born. However, the origin of this festival isn’t as clear-cut. Jesus’s birthday is said to be confused with a holiday celebrated on the 25 December by Germans and Romans called Yule.

Even if we don’t have a precise origin of Christmas, we sure love celebrating it. Kids seem to like it more than anyone else. It must be because of the feasts and gifts that we exchange during the holidays. But do they have any idea why Christmas is celebrated in the first place? To answer this question, Jimmy Kimmel went to the streets to ask kids to share the story of Christmas.

kids tell about christmas

The result is absolutely hilarious! When asked who Mary is, a girl replies that it’s Jesus’s aunt. Another kid says that Jack, the skeleton guy, was born on Christmas. But you have to see the girl who explains the story of how Mary started going out with God. Watch the whole video to hear their hilarious explanations:

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