Fast Food Worker Goes Into “Hero Mode” When Woman’s Kids Frantic in Drive-thru

People can be quite busy even when they are working at a mere fast-food restaurant. However, it is not many times that a person actually goes out of his way to help someone in between their work.

22-year-old Pedro Viloria was having a normal shift at McDonald’s when he heard a car approaching. A female off-duty officer was coming towards the window to get some snacks for herself and her kids. It was then that Pedro heard her children scream for help. At first, he was completely confused.

Later, he found out that there was a serious medical need and the officer was in need of help. Viloria immediately jumped out and went for her help. Thankfully, there was also another officer and a paramedic who helped this woman and her kids. If it were not for Pedro, who knows what worse could’ve happened to both the woman and her children.

Pedro’s kind gesture went viral on the internet and one can actually declare this 22-year-old as a brave superhero! Watch the full video below!

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