Kids Learn They Can Use Doorbell Cam to Send Messages to Deployed Dad Overseas

Typically, a doorbell security camera is stationed in order to avoid or capture any intruder on video for safety reasons. But for a family of four in Forest Lake, Minnesota, it served a more remarkable and heartwarming purpose.

Peter, the two loving kids’ dad, has been serving the nation for more than 20 years. During 2019, he was deployed to the Middle East, which could be one of his unforgettable moments. And the reason is traced back to his home town where his love family resides.

Kids Use Doorbell Camera To Message Soldier Father 0-26 screenshot

The family records message on the security camera situated upfront for their dad. Every day, the kids seven and five year’s old fill their daily activities. Son, Zerick shows off his new hairstyle, while the adorable, Petroula shares how much she misses her daddy. Initially, it was the father’s idea to use the security camera.

Watching the messages recorded by the family is so touching. However, we may not know how it feels to have a family member deployed in the army. We sure know the pain of missing your loved ones. The dad even has a chance to see her beautiful daughter all dolled up on her birthday though he wasn’t around to celebrate.

The whole scenario is an excellent use of technology and an emotional one, too, for sure. Wasn’t it just lovely to watch? Do share your thoughts in the feed.

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