Kids Walked on Stage Wearing Bags Pulls A Hilarious Twist, Leaving Crowd With Biggest Roar of Laughter

When you think of a dance team, you probably think of a beautiful production with members doing crazy stunts. Or synchronized acts of fancy footwork! But these high school dancers have a surprise in store for the audience members that will knock their socks off!

When the Beyer High dance team had an opportunity to perform a routine in 2010, they wanted to make it unforgettable. Although any fantastic production would have surely stolen the show, they wanted to stand apart from the crowd. So, they decided to start with classical music in the dark and finally reveal their true colors in the second act.

bag dance

The music starts playing, and dancers who are covered head to toe with a cloth start moving to the soothing sounds. Then suddenly, “I Feel Good” by James Brown starts playing, and the lights shine bright.! And it’s revealed that all the dancers are wearing colorful stretchy bags! And their dance is just hilarious. Moreover, they perform to a full pop medley, making the crowds erupt in laughter! Watch the entire video below:

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