Rude man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome

“What Would You Do?” is a hidden camera show that puts real people in tough situations to capture their raw emotions. It is a show where actors stage performance, especially in public areas. There, they act out challenging situations that aren’t usually fit for public places. And with the help of the hidden cameras, the team captures the real reactions of people. John Quinones host the show where he interviews the people after the reveal.

In this episode, we see a customer with Down Syndrome walking into a restaurant. He is there all by himself, trying to enjoy a nice, quiet meal. He tries ordering off the menu but is too confused as to what to eat. So, he asks for the waitress’s recommendation. However, the man sitting next to him is annoyed by the guy and tries insulting him.

man insults guy with down syndrome

The goal is to see the reaction of the other diners at the restaurant. Whether the people around help and speak up for a stranger, or would they let it go. And surprisingly, a lot of people stand up for the mentally challenged man. They speak out in support of the guy. And they ask the rude man to either behave or leave.

A woman is especially emotional because she used to teach differently able people. And the case was very close to her heart. Another woman complains to the manager and asks him to leave. One man gets so furious that he makes the man leave the restaurant.

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