Kelly Clarkson has been one of the most phenomenal singers of all time. We have been loving her since her American Idol days and we just won’t stop.

This woman has a very addictive voice. Her voice and her way of presenting herself are phenomenal. Kelly Clarkson always made me happy with her beautiful songs. Today, the singer has reached great heights in her career. She still sings and mesmerizes everyone with her beautiful voice even today. Kelly Clarkson also sings covers of many beautiful songs.

One of her unforgettable covers has to be ” I will always love you”. While she performs, she looks as divine as her voice sounds. For all those who have been fans of this amazing woman, she is and has always been an inspiration. We will always cherish the talent that she is and this cover of her is just too good to be true.

You will get chills on your body when you hear her sing. Watch the full video below!

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