The Court Hearing Was Going Fine. Until the Judge Asked if He Studied in This Middle School

You never know where life will take you. When you are in school, you think that you’ll always be friends with the people you are friends with. But the reality is that kids of the same class can end up in entirely different paths.

This is a story about two former Middle school classmates, Mindy Glazer and Arthur Booth crossing paths. However, the circumstances where they meet are extraordinary. Booth was brought in to court for charges of burglary after he was chased in a car by the police. The Judge happens to be Glazer, who practices in Miami, USA.

judge convict reunion

As soon as the hearing starts, the judge reads the name of the defendant. She recognizes Booth immediately. She has a question for him and asks if he went to the named middle school. Shortly after he gives a yes, he breaks down. First, in a smile, then cries at the thought of it. She even conveys that she is “sorry to see you here.” Even after such a rare meeting, the judge does her job of giving him a sentence. We think the judge handled the situation perfectly! Watch the whole thing happening below:

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