Cat Has Opinions About Quarantine and It’s Sassy

The COVID-19 pandemic has the whole world on lockdown. Moreover, most people are in their houses in quarantine. And although this type of social distancing is the best thing to do during this crisis, it’s not easy! However, it is relatively easier for introverts like me. But for the more unsociable who are used to staying home alone, it’s proving more challenging!

If you’ve ever met a cat, you know they like solitude. Moreover, they like being in charge of the house when no one’s around. So when Mylee’s owners stopped going out to quarantine in their home, the feline wasn’t having any of it. Furthermore, when her days of lounging peacefully all alone came to an end, she had a lot to say about it!

mylee the cat

From all the “me” time she was used to getting to living with a crowd all of a sudden, Mylee wasn’t shy about expressing her irritation. And Rae Jordan captures her furbaby’s antiques on film! The typically easy-going cat screams at her human Mom as Rae tells us how her cat is dealing with the change in routine. Furthermore, she continues screaming with annoyance as if saying, “What are you doing in my house?” Watch the hilarious video below:

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