Got Talent’ Megastar Shares a Heart-touching Love Song

From time and again, talents like Jonathan Antoine have proved their worth on various platforms with impressive performances. But that’s not all. In his recent video, Jonathan showcases the magic of his voice by welcoming the viewers to his living room.

The song he chooses is equally mesmerizing. It’s none other than the classic “Un Giorno Per Noi” from  Romeo and Juliet. During the late sixties, the beloved theme song was one of the top pop hit in the US. It was even listed in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart and maintain its place for two weeks. Initially, the song did face some opposition by the radios calling it too soft. But it didn’t take long before the song became a sensation in every radio station.

Back to Jonathan’s rendition, it’s pure magic and outstanding. Even with minimal equipment, he conveyed one of the most beautiful covers of the original. In his home studio, he is only using sm7b for mic recording. And Cubase speakers for back the tracks. The whole performance is a fantastic work of art.

Please press play and enjoy the enchanting voice.

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