Ferocious Cat Battles The Mailman Through The Mail Slot

In the contemporary world, where almost everyone has a pet, a mailman’s job has increasingly become risky. To the point that the job description should include an athletic ability as a required skill. We have witnessed these people running away from dogs and cats, even pecking birds.

However, if you look from the animals’ perspective, they are just trying to keep the intruder away. Technically, it’s their job. Similar is the case of this ferocious feline who waits for the mailman by the window. The furry little cat has one intention to keep his castle free of junk mail. The daily nuisance has come to a point where the mailman causally mentions the aggressive feline as he records the video.

Initially, we get a heads-up from the postman. It doesn’t take us long to spot the little one, licking his paw, waiting impatiently. But the man comes prepared, wearing gloves to avoid any scratches. As he begins getting the letters and magazines inside, the cat begins to scratch the door and throwing things out. It gets to a point when the little goofball pulls the man’s gloves in rapidly.

The whole scenario will give you quite the chuckle. Please press play and enjoy the hilarious clip.

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