Impatient Driver Gets Instant Karma After Recklessly Cutting Off Veteran Motorcyclists

There is nothing that brings me more rage than the people who don’t follow traffic rules. Not only are you breaking the law, but you are also risking your life and the lives of people around you. And this impatient driver got a dose of karma after trying to cut off this group of motorcyclists!

Statistics say that 22 veterans die of suicide in the US alone. Moreover, most people don’t know about this fact! So, combat vets set out rising on their motorcycles for 22 days to raise awareness about this serious issue. Furthermore, the veteran riders were also in the process of filming a road trip documentary of Project 22. That’s when they capture the jeep driving recklessly.

jeep cuts project22

Although it is clear that the motorcyclists are riding in formation, the jeep still tries to cut through the group. One of the bikers wearing the headcam even nods, trying to tell the driver to stop. But the driver zooms pass without a care. At one point, he also drives on the pavement to pass the motorcyclists. Fortunately, a police officer escorting the riders sees all this and stops the jeep at once! Now that is instant karma! Watch the clip below:

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