Rude Teenager Swears And Give Middle Finger To The Judge, He Gives Her Perfect Sentence In Return

Usually convicted guilty people that are faced in front of a judge will exhibit nothing but full humbling and regret the illegal things that they’ve committed. But unlike this young woman who not only ridiculed the elderly judge but also showed great disrespect when given her lawful penalty for the charges she was facing.

The 18-year-old teenager from Miami named Penelope Soto was charged for the possession of prescription drugs and was confronted by the Judge during her sentencing. For some reason, Soto found the judge’s questions amusing and started to giggle cheerfully as though she was casually talking to her girlfriends. Aside from that, she ignored several of the judge’s requests to be serious about the matter.

She was even suspected of taking illegal drugs while convicted due to her improper display of actions, as she shouted “Adios!” to the judge when her sentencing was almost done. By this, the judge could not simply accept such insulting behavior in his presence and the court that he decided to increased her bail from $5000 to $10,000. After hearing the order in disbelief, she then gave the judge the middle finger while muttering F**k you as she turns to leave. The judge, shocked as he was, ordered the girl back in front of him as he finds her indirect criminal contempt. She was then sentenced with 30 days in jail with the increased fine as a penalty for her outward disrespect.

You can watch the video below to see the confrontation in court.

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