He Gave the Horse New Shoes – the Horse’s Reaction Left Them in Hysterics

Jack the horse from Project Stables was born with a condition called wry mouth. Wry mouth is a condition in horses where the horse‘s mouth is twisted to one side, making it difficult for them to chew and eat properly. His caretakers initially thought that he would have to be put down because of it.

But after doing some research, they found a vet who agreed to operate on him. But Jack had to wait till he was four months old for the operation. In the meantime, he had to be bottle fed every three hours.

His surgery was successful and but this adorable horse has now developed a heart condition. Despite everything he has gone through, Jack wants to spread love and happiness. In this video, he shows his appreciation towards his farrier Al.

When Al was putting his shoes on, he gives him a big kiss. Wait till you see this adorable moment! Watch the cute video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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