Age doesn’t matter when it comes to talent. On Trendcentral, we’ve featured many such people who have shown great talent beyond their age. It may be ice skating grandpa or sensational singing toddlers. And one of the platforms that value these talents is no doubt AGT.

In spite of their young ages — Izzy is 11, and Easton is 14 — these kids can dance with the best of them. Some might even argue, better. The bubble Izzy and silent yet smiling Easton both were really nervous before they walked onto the stage. They didn’t know what to expect or even would get a  “yes.”


When they took the stage, they did so tremblingly. However, as soon as the music began to play, they transformed into completely different individuals. The bubbly and silent couple were replaced by the confident duo. Everyone was on their feet as they danced. Even Simon.

Watch this incredible performance here:

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