He Was Scraping the Windshield and this ‘Drops In’ Out of Nowhere…

Here’s a clip that might give you a bit of a fright: he’s just scraping the snow and ice off of his windshield when suddenly something “drops in.”

This surveillance camera footage is incredible. It captures the entire harrowing event and we can tell this isn’t staged. It also leaves us wondering, what is that thing that fell. Is it a piece of the roof? A window awning? When the camera pans up it doesn’t look like anything is obviously missing, so maybe it came from something we can’t see on the roof.

It becomes a funny video since we get to see that the man scraping escapes any injury. But just think what could have happened! And also, think if you’re this guy and you have to turn in the insurance report–that’s going to be hard to explain!

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