“Sound of Silence” Begins to Play and Within Seconds Ice Skaters Make Song Their Own

The song, “Sound of Silence” is an irreplaceable song that represents people’s inability to communicate with each other. Although everyone speaks with their mouths, nobody is listening to what they are trying to say! However, these figure skaters found a way to convey what the artists were trying to speak with the song, and they needed no words to do so!

French figure skaters Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres are champions at the sport and are known for their excellent paired performances. But their performance at the International Skating Union’s World Team Trophy competition stands out. Held at Tokyo, Japan, the duo’s freestyle dancing to Disturbed’s rendition of the somber song is haunting! And they even win the gold medal.

sound of silence figureskating

The duo bows down as they wait for the song to start. And as soon as it does, they look at each other. You can see that they have intense chemistry from the moment they start dancing! At first, they start slow to the melody of the piano, and their synchronization during this part is impeccable! Moreover, they begin building the intensity by doing breathtaking jumps and twists. And the part where Morgan throws Vanessa in the air will make you hold your breath! Watch the entire performance below:

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