Adorable Husky Destroys His Bed: Throws Tantrum When The Owner Confronts

Huskies are one of the most intelligent and vocal breeds of dogs. They can share their emotions through their facial expression, which is their most adorable feature. However, they can also be a little more on the mischevious side.

If you own a husky as a pet, then you’ll understand the struggle of this woman. While she is trying her best to confront her pet, the dog is in no mood to listen to his mom. The louder the woman speaks, the louder the dog raises his voice and throws a tantrum.

husky yells at owner

Blu, a naughty Siberian Husky, decides to tear up his bed while his owners were out. And when they come back, they see it and confront the dog for his misbehavior. But, instead of listening, Blu goes on throwing temper tantrums and screaming after his mom.

He doesn’t even let the woman finish a  sentence and keep on howling and screaming. She keeps asking him why did you do it and what happened. And also though he knows he is trouble, he doesn’t seem to care. But the best thing is that he has no regrets on his face whatsoever.

WATCH the video below to see how adorable Blu is even when throwing tantrums.

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