Husky Becomes Very Vocal After Being Accused Of Pooping On The Carpet

Owners take their pets out for a couple of reasons. They want their dogs to get fresh air, enough exercise. One of the primary reasons is so that they can relieve themselves. However, even with the outing, mishaps can happen quickly.

Similar to this Husky below, who has made quite the visible mess in the living room. He pooped on the carpet. No doubt he tried his best to cover it up all the way. Eventually, his owner finds out, and it is time for confrontation.

Initially, the owner asks Zeus why he made the big mess. As soon he is being questioned he begins to whine and cry. The pup tries to deny his part in the mess. However, the owner asks, ” Did you poop on the floor today?” The crying becomes louder, and his stubbornness flashes across his face.

The pup tries his best to convince her that he is not the culprit. The whole ordeal is hilariously to watch. The vocal husky hardly gives up. He denies it till the very end, by whining and not making eye contact. The more he gets grilled by the owner, the more he slides his head to the other side and whines over and over again.

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