Man Shows How to Properly Defog Your Windows Using Only a Piece of Tape

Driving in the winter is not an easy task, apart from the thick snow. The change in temperature fogs up the window, needing constant scrubbing. Which is not the ideal way to drive. Hence, the market offers a range of antifog products that guarantee to get rid of foggy car windows.

Do the commercial products actually work? Or is there a way to defog the glasses using household products?

Chris from the youtube channel, ChrisFix will answer all these questions with a practical approach. The channel is, mainly known for ” How to”  videos which show plain and simple methods of fixing the car.

To ensure an accurate comparison Chris section the car window with tape.  He has one of the antifog products and a bunch of stuff that is easily available in your home. Such as Shaving cream, hand sanitizer, been potatoes.

Chris begins from the top left corner applying the Rain X interior first and then gradually moving on to other products. He explains every step systematically. after applying all the products. The YouTuber then grabs a mug of hot water to create foggy windows.

The result is simply amazing and maybe more convenient than buying expensive products.

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