Gorgeous Desert that Starts With a Comb Dropped In a Pot of Caramel?

Nothing in the world tastes better than sugary treats like cakes, pastries, and my favorite, chocolate. And because I love eating them so much, I have learned to bake a little. Although I would love to share my baked goods with dinner guests, I never felt like it was good enough. However, after watching this video, my dessert game ascended!

All I needed to take my cakes and pastries from homemade to professional-looking was sugar and a few household items. And the result is impressive! You need a comb and some caramel to make an elegant butterfly cake topper to a cool dessert “nest.”

Furthermore, you can also make an intricate spiral brownie top with a rolling pin. And a beautiful golden oyster shell dessert with a simple ladle from your kitchen. I’m sure people will be looking forward to dinner at your house after they see your magical creations! Learn how to make these sugar crystal treats by watching the video below:

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