He Put a Hot Dog in Pizza Dough – in Less Than 20 Minutes, It’s Mouthwatering Meal

Hotdogs are one of the comfort foods for me. As growing up with barbecue gatherings, the meat type was a must in such parties. The grilled hot dog was a slice of enjoyable meat between pieces of bread with ketchup and mustard.

However, indulging it with pastry dough will turn into a whole new experience. Let’s get into these mouthwatering recipes. All you need is weiners, eggs, and pastry dough for the recipes.

First cut the meat and role is around the pastry dough given in three ways, you can roll it around and make pastry like appearance. Or you can even make small cuts and adding the dough in between the cuttings. Furthermore, wrapping the Weiner inside pastry with a small incision in between will cook the insides quickly. Now all that remains is to brush them with a generous amount of eggwash. Place it into a preheated oven at 350 F for 10-15 minutes.

Now, it’s time to get more creative with our food. Stuff your wieners with cheese and then wrap it around bacon strips, now; add a pasta stick and leave it in a griller. As we are going for a more spicy classic hot dogs. You will need red pepper, cut it right in the middle, put the juicy meat inside it, and grill some more. You can enjoy this with buns and jalapeno sprinkled on top with good mustard to taste.

Please check the recipe below if you want to use it in your daily breakfast place with runny eggs. If you really like any, please share them with us in the feed.

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