These Horses Were Let Out After a Huge Snowfall. Watch Them Enjoy Snow Day Just Like Little Kids!

When you think of horses, you might think of them in a sunny field grazing on the green grass. But have you ever wondered how they react to snow? They must feel cold like us and try to avoid it. Or do they?

The horses in this video seem to love the snow! After a heavy snowfall, the ground is covered with powdery snow that goes knee-deep. But this hasn’t stopped the horses from enjoying their day. The horses run wild, playing in the snow like kids on a snow day.

Although the snow is knee-deep, the horses still seem to enjoy stretching their legs outside of their paddocks. It’s adorable how they leap and jump around, creating patterns in the snow. One of the horses even has clothes on to protect it from the freezing weather. Watch the funny clip of horses playing in the snow below:

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