8 Soothing Minutes of Horses… and a Cowgirl Cat

Horses, by far, are one of the majestic and magical creatures on Earth. They are not bound to the walls that we create; instead, horses are forever meant to roam the deep ends of the rocky mountains. Even during their most busy hours of frolicking around. These stallions make time for their feline companions.

Nanny, a Maine Coon enjoys her day-to-day ride with her human companion. She sits tall, waiting impatiently to meet her favorite horse buddies. As they get closer, the noble beings come running to meet Nanny. They share an adorable moment once Nanny is close enough to sniff. Furthermore, they spend all day playing and goofing around the picturesque ranch by the rocky mountain. The whole scenario couldn’t be better. Just looking at it eases my suffering or any thoughts that are prickling my head. It’s like a natural cleansing ritual.

At times, we forget the world outside of the concrete walls. The Earth that magical and mystical in its own ways. Although, I may not be able to make a journey anytime soon. Moreover, this video is a great help to clear the mind.

Please press play and enjoy the soothing feeling as you watch the clip.

It’s time for Nanny to go home after a long day of playing. Kindly share this adorable interaction with your loved ones.