Honesty always pays off. No matter how much you succeed in convincing people, reality always knows you for who you really are. You’re always vilified if you get to the top without having to lie and cheat, no matter how you get there.

The news broke about this homeless man, who had returned a massive sum of money to its owner. His small act of honesty triggered a wave that radically changed his life forever.

The homeless man from Connecticut, Elmer Alvarez found the check of $10, and instead of hurriedly withdrawing the amount, he went in search of the rightful owner, Roberta Hoskie. Roberta who was a big real estate agent.

She found Elmer with a friend. It turns out he can’t speak English that well and asked the help of a stranger to translate what he wanted to do. That is, to return the check. Roberta also found out about his condition Elmer and it completely shocked her. So she not only helps out Elmer by giving him a home and a job–and together the two of them are doing something even more special.

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