Homeless Man Returns $10,000 Check He Found On Street, Gets A Big Surprise

It is not every day that you find a $10,000 check lying on the street. Most people, homeless or not, would willingly put it inside their pocket. But this man, Elmer Alvarez, finds a check when he was not doing well himself. He was living on the streets, without a place to call home. And relied heavily on generous people to give him food. However, he did not know how this incident was going to change his life forever.

Alvarez was now on a mission to find Roberta Hoskie, whose name was on the check. He looked up the name on a giant phonebook (as he did not have access to the internet). When he marched right into Hoskie’s office, she was shocked. Hoskie was a real estate agent and also had a real estate school. A humble man that Alvarez is, he simply said, “Ma’am, I believe you may have misplaced this.”

Hoskie stares at the check, in complete disbelief. She was so thankful to this honest man that she found him a place to live permanently. Moreover, she even paid the rent for 6 months and gave him free classes at her school. Today, Alvarez is studying hard in a real-estate school, waiting to get that certificate. He hopes to pull as many homeless people off the street as he can.

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