Stray Cat Steals the Ramp, Surprises all with Unmatched Grace

Fashion models never fail to impress everyone with their grace and aura. Most of us try to replicate their effortless style of walking and posing, especially for our Instagram feed! But ever thought of the perfect instructor who can nail the catwalk and may even be better than those trained models?

The video features an unexpected showstopper in the Vakoo Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey. Everyone was in for a surprise when a stray cat leaped onto the ramp. The feline tried to grab one of the model’s clothes and even blocked their way by laying right in the middle of the ramp. Moreover, everyone got a clear definition of what a real catwalk is!

The cat’s carefree attitude amused one and all. However, it didn’t fail to impress with its poise during the catwalk. One of the designers admitted that in the future, animals might have a chance at fashion! What do you think of his idea?

WATCH the video below to be enraptured by the cat’s mischief. We are going to start a fanbase for sure!

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