Homeless Man Slept Outside Animal Shelter to Find Lost Dog, Then the Staff Breaks the News to Him

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. They are unconditionally loyal and affectionate towards their owners. Sadly, some people don’t see this and they abuse or neglect their canine companions. You come across so many cases when dogs are abandoned or abused. But there are others who treat their dogs like family, or an indispensable part of themselves. The following story is a touching incident of a man and what he did for his dog.

The staff of DeKalb County Animal Services was surprised to find a man sleeping outside their door. The homeless man had slept on the street all night, waiting for the staff. He had spent the last of his money to get one a bus to reach the animal shelter. He had lost his beloved dog, and was desperately searching for her. He wanted to know if the shelter had found her, which was why he had slept right outside their doors.

He was in luck. The staff had found his dog, but she had been taken away to their new facility on the other side of town. They were really nice to him and even gave him the train fare to reach their other facility. The video below shows their emotional reunion. The man was too happy to see his beloved companion, while the dog instantly recognized her owner and went totally bananas after seeing him!

The happy man even had to lie down on the floor to take in all the happiness at once. What a wonderful moment indeed! Check out this amazing video below:

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