Thief Caught In Camera Stealing- Cops Are Baffled With His Skill

A video uploaded by Lyonswood Investigations & Forensics caused the confusion of many people on Facebook. On the caption of the 13-second long video, they asked, “Can you spot the crime? Took me two views.”

The security footage shows the cashier area of a convenience store and a man in his mid-50s buying a pack of cigarettes. He paid the cashier with a large bill and some change. While waiting for the cashier to give him his change, he can be seen fidgeting anxiously and while he keeps on fixing his pants. He even looked in the security camera for a quick second and then pushed the change towards the counter.

theif in action

The cashier hands him a couple of paper bills and he counted them in front of her. After counting the bills, he showed it to the cashier again, as if to let her know that she did not give him the right change and they quickly counted it together. The cashier handed her another bill and he left. Now, if you weren’t paying attention, you’d think that nothing abnormal had happened in the video, but crime actually happened, and it is called a short-change scam.

A short-change scam is a method swindler used to trick cashiers. They would buy an item that costs a little and pays it with a large bill. When the cashier hands them the change, they would quickly hide some of the change and claim that the cashier did not give them the right amount. That’s what happened in this video. At the 30-second mark, you can see the man being handed the change, shifted to the left a little and with his right hand, he pulled a bill and quickly hid it in his pants. Watch the complete video here and see if you can catch the act:

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