Young Homeless Girl Sits Alone Begging For Help Pay Close Attention To Woman In Red Plaid

What would you do if you saw a little kid begging out in the streets for help? Would you pause and try to help them out? Or would you just walk on by and neglect them? Robby from YouTube channel, RobbyTV, wanted to find out, so he decided to do a little experiment. He took help from a little girl called Laila and asked her to sit on a busy street in the city. In the clip, we get to see Laila on the freezing cement with a sign that reads, “Homeless and hungry. Please help.”

Initially, nobody stops to help. Strangers after strangers pass her by and don’t even bother to give her a small change. But then a handful of people stop and pay her some attention. One kind woman even bends down to ask if she is okay. After Laila remains silent, she wishes her well and goes her own way. However, a woman in red plaid left everyone out of words. This woman was actually homeless herself. She walked passed the little girl, but then she came back again.

The woman returned with a bag of food and $20, even though she barely had enough to keep herself safe in the chilly weather. Robby ran over and told her about the experiment. He offered her the cash Laila had earned sitting on the street as well as an extra $50, but he wasn’t ready for her reaction. Check out this touching clip below and don’t forget to share what you thought about it in the comments!

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