Boy Was Relentlessly Bullied at School, Then He Killed Himself After Receiving This Text

Amy Briggs has been married for 22 years and they have two beautiful children. They were a happy family, but one day everything changed. Her son Daniel was an old soul and he couldn’t fit into any of the social circles at his school. When he was finally into high school, Daniel became a victim of extreme bullying. Even after all his tries, it didn’t stop.

His schoolmates made fun of him for almost everything. In spite of his helpful nature, this poor kid was mistreated and made to go through a lot. He was jumped in buses and his bullies stalked him with terrible text messages. This went on for far too long and one day his tormentors went too far. We lost a beautiful boy and his family is left behind with all the scars. Amy says that their family is never going to recover from Daniels’s loss. The pain they must be going through is unthinkable.

People need to understand that a person’s life is irreplaceable. Watch this heartbreaking story below. What are your insights on this issue? Let us know about it in the comments!

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