97-Yr-Old Holocaust Survivors Reunite by Chance After 79 Yrs – So Heartwarming

World War II was a terrible time in history and few had it as terrible as those in the concentration camps. Here’s a story of two men who came together in one of those camps, were liberated and never knew what became of the other–until now.

Sam Ron survived five separate concentration camps in the war, including a Polish camp called Pyunki. There he met and worked with Jack Woxel but by war’s end they were separated and never heard from the other again.

Until one night, the National Holocaust Museum had a celebration for Same that Jack happened to attend.  After seeing a film about Sam, Jack went to Sam’s table and said, “Sam! You are alive!”.

“This one guy jumped out from the house and came over to kiss me. ‘You’re my brother! You’re my brother!’ he said.” Sam of Jack’s greeting.

“Oh I was all excited,” he recalled. “This was unusual. It’s 79 years now. We’re 97 years old!”. “What we went through in our life is so hard to describe,” Jack said. “There are not many more survivors left. We are just a few survivors.”

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