Kind Hippo Swims Over to Drowning Baby Zebra to “Push” Him Away- Everything Gets Captured

Animals like wildebeests and zebras always walk in large collections. The main reason for this is safety and protection. When predators such as tigers come to hunt, the sheer number of the herds can scare the mighty beasts. The crowd also ensures that no individual is left behind.

However, sometimes circumstances beyond their control can separate a vulnerable individual. In this case, it’s a wildebeest crossing through the river. The wildebeest has lost its way while trying to swim to the other side. But do not fear! The lifeguard Hippopotamus handles the situation and guides the poor fellow to safety.

hippo and zebra

Furthermore, when the baby zebra gets swept by the river current, you have to see how the hero Hippo comes to the rescue. The foal can barely swim. But the Hippo has its eye on the amateur swimmer. It sweeps from under the water and pushes the zebra. When they reach an island of rocks, the Hippo even waits with the zebra foal. Additionally, you can see it caressing the infant to comfort it after a traumatic experience. Watch the Hippo in action below:

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