He Cut an Apple in Half Diagonally But the Result is Unbelievable

It is often said that you eat with your eyes first. We appraise what is being given to us and a blandly presented dish is not very satisfying; no matter how great the food tastes. That is why food plating and presentation is so valued nowadays. Even an average dish will taste good if displayed in an exciting manner.

The following video shows us how to make as simple yet intricate looking swan out of an apple. Yup you heard me right! First you need to cut the apple diagonally; then use one half to create the swan’s body, while the other half is being used to create the swan’s head. It might sound hard, but it is actually quite simple if you follow the procedures! Don’t forget to practice though!

How to Make an Edible Apple Swan! 2-6 screenshot

Ready to impress your guests in the next party? Watch the tutorial below and let us know if you would try it out in the comments!

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