Four Students Recreate OK Go’s ‘Here It Goes Again’ Music Video For Talent Show – And it made my day

Being the audience chair for goodness knows how long, I have had a fair share of amusing acts. For instance, there was an act with a group of guys who finished the performance by snapping fingers. You may feel it could be a bore, however astonishingly, it was one of the amazing ones.

Such is the story of the squad featured below. Typically, when you think of a treadmill, your mind immediately goes to exercises. But not these highschool students. During a talent show at Granbury Highschool, four boys joined to give the crowd a taste of creativity.

Matt Bersi, Hieu Tran, Ian Fisher, Stephen Behrens, the genius minds started on none other than treadmills. Initially, they began with jazz hands, soon the machine being to roll. And the boys used it wisely. A total of eight treadmills were used in the performance.

The song is originally by OK Go, “Here it goes again” the video became a sensational hit after a spectacular performance. The resemblance is uncanny in both of the videos. The choreography must have painstakingly long. However, their result paid off. The audience roared over each dance step they executed. Do check the act in live-action. Do share your afterthoughts on this remarkable performance.

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