Cop Decides to Bust a Move Instead of Busting Teens for Noise Complaint

People didn’t lose the spirit of Christmas even during the devasting pandemic. Despite the restrictions, individuals celebrated Christmas. Especially the eve, it is when we begin the holiday. 

Opening the presents, making or eating the cookies, singing songs, and so much more. Some choose to spend it with their loved ones; some threw parties while a few were still serving the civilians. 

Similar to the Escambia county Deputy, who was on his duty two days prior to Christmas. 

That night the officer received a noise complaint. The deputy took immediate action by responding to the location swiftly. Once he reached the location, he saw a group rehearsing. It was just a bunch of teenagers. 

Pensacola Prancing Pirouettes is a woman dance group, they promote self-confidence, discipline and build a creative dance routine.

The officer had a decision to make, whether or not he wanted to pursue charges. Instead of giving them a warning, Brissett had a dance-off with the group. The video captures, all-girl dance group challenges the cop to bust out some moves. Surprisingly, the deputy responded with brilliant dance steps, shocking the girls and his online audience.

Even the sheriff’s office commented on this positive encounter. Please press play and enjoy the heartwarming moment.

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