Everyone Freaked Out When She Served the Turkey. The Reason Is Hilarious

Thanksgiving a day when you sit in your car with one destination on your mind, home. This is the time when we make an enormous spread to celebrate love, life, and beyond. As simple as something like a meal brings us together around the table, happily praying for our prosperity.

A day when we need to shop for all sorts of things, from foods to utensils or extra chairs. Hence, right around these times, companies like Meijer rises on their shopping game. As they are one of the many to provide all our needs in a single place. Therefore, making the trip short and easy.

And every year they, make a thanksgiving or Christmas video to entice their customer. Furthermore, it works perfectly; though the clip may be cliche, they are the truth of the holidays. Like in this ad in 2015, they explain why they rejoice in providing comfort for their buyers because all this boils down to the laughter that echoes in the dining room.

The cheers that follow around in the house. Love and care that progresses with every meal they prepare and eat together, A day to remember to rejoice and look forward. Please enjoy the real experiences of the festivities. Don’t forget to share your favorite stories in the feed.

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