Mom Infuriated After Catching Daycare Worker Breastfeeding Her Son Against Her Wishes

Babies are the mother’s pride and joy. And with a newborn comes a lot of responsibilities. For a lot of working mothers, daycare is becoming the perfect solution with trained professionals. However, how safe is leaving your kids in a stranger’s hands?

North Carolina woman is infuriated with a staff of the daycare after she was recorded breastfeeding her child. The mother was in total shock to see the worker feeding her baby against her wishes is seeking legal action.

The video was recorded by Carrboro Early School’s security camera, which clearly shows the live-action. Hence, Kaycee Oxendine is now hoping for the police to press charges over the violation of her desires. Moreover, endangering the life of the young baby boy.

Oxendine works as a pre-kindergarten teacher. She shared with her colleagues that her 3-month-old was suffering from constipation. So, one of the daycare workers chimed in, offering to breastfeed. But she declines the offer not once but twice. However, the woman with such a good work reputation didn’t respect her wishes as a moments later security camera shows the staff pulling out her breast and feeding the son.

Albeit there is no certainty if she will be press charges or not. This incident is sparking conversation on the legal ground on breastfeeding without permission. What do you think, do share your insights as a parent?

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