Dog’s Silly Reaction to Receiving a Padding Pool Melts the Heart of 6 Million People Overnight

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Summer is a fun season, but the heat can get to you sometimes. All of us have different ways of relaxing in the hot weather. Some of us don’t leave the AC, some of us binge on ice-creams, while some of us lather up sunscreen and run for the pool. And this is true for not only humans, but for our animal friends as well. Dogs don’t react well to overheating. To fight against this, their owners usually gift them tiny pools. And that is exactly what Gus’ owner did.

She gave her two bulldogs a padding pool as a summer gift. But mom was in for a big surprise. The dogs tested out the plastic pool in their yard, and they seemed to love it. But one of the bulldogs, Gus, realized that the pool would be even better if it was indoors. So he immediately started dragging his brand new pool towards the house. He got so infatuated that he just couldn’t leave it behind! His brother also helped him from time to time.

With water splashing everywhere, the duo tried their best to get the pool through the open doors, despite facing some difficulties along the way. You are going to be in stitches when you see how Gus tries to overcome the massive hurdle. Watch if the pooch succeeded in the video below! Did this crack you up? Share what you thought about it in the comments section!

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