Doctor Breaks Down After He is Unable to Hug Son Due to Coronavirus

The Corona Virus pandemic is proving how important a doctor’s job is. Moreover, it has shed light on how health workers put their lives at risk to serve the sick. Not only that, but they also have to be cautious about not spreading the virus to their loved ones. And this video shows how this can take a mental toll on these healthcare workers.

Recently, Amged El-Hawrani, of the UK, was the first frontline medic to die after contracting COVID-19. So, as the number of patients is soaring, healthcare professionals have to take extra precautions. Furthermore, this heartbreaking clip makes viewers aware of what they have to sacrifice.

doctor breaks down covid19

Dr. Nasser Ali Al Shahrani of Saudi Arabia is returning home after finishing his shift at King Salman Hospital, Riyadh. As he comes in the door, his little son runs towards him! All he wants to do is hug his hero. Unfortunately, the doctor who is still in scrubs has to turn it down painfully. Furthermore, the loving father is forced to say, “no, no.” After the upsetting incident, he crouches, breaking down into tears. Watch the emotional clip below:

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