Border Collies Expertly Herd Ducks Into Hula Hoop

Although they are the same species, there are so many different breeds of dogs in the world! Moreover, these various breeds of canine have different characteristics. And so, some dogs are better at doing specific tasks! Border Collies are excellent herders. And these particular ones show their talent by herding an unusual animal!

Putnam County Fair in Cookeville, Tennessee, has its fair share of parades, pageants, and shows. Moreover, it isn’t uncommon here for people to show off their prized animal or their talents. In this particular video filmed by Candy Loise Collins, her husband Chad and their three dogs are doing a demonstration. Here, the three Collies herd ducks into a hula hoop!

border collies herding

Roy, Lass, and Celt are experts at their job! Moreover, this task is one that takes patience and focus. And the three show both these qualities as they carefully round up the group of ducks. Although it seems easy, ducks can easily scare and flounder. So, the Collie’s crouch and use teamwork to guide the ducks inside the boundary successfully. You can see how they impress the audience with their intelligence!

Watch the video below:

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