Cat Makes the Funniest Escape From Three Other Cats – It Made My Day!

If you’ve ever seen a cat play, you can see how ferocious they can be! Although they make affectionate pets, you can’t deny their relation to the big cats. Moreover, their flexible bodies and agility make them excellent predators. And this video shows just what kind of skills they have!

Cats often prefer to stay alone. They are independent creatures, after all! However, if you observe stray alley cats, they stay in groups. By doing so, they can have each other’s backs. Moreover, they can protect their territories from other cats. But this lone ranger found a way to cross a gang of cats without any repercussions!

cat parkour

When the black and white cat comes to the alley, he faces three other cats. Those cats look unwilling to let anyone pass their guarded territory. But this cat has a secret— he is excellent at parkour! As the first feline foe goes to offense mode, the cat springs into action. Furthermore, with just two jumps, the cat launches to an epic escape! Set to Awolnation’s hit “Run,” the cat’s superpower is in full display in the video below:

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