Mothers are always so protective and caring about their kids. They will sacrifice their own happiness and much more for the sake of their children. No matter what species, all moms tend to be a little protective of their kids, at least until they learn how to look after themselves. Sometimes, they can be a little too protective, almost to the point of annoyance!

This mama bulldog had just had a litter. She was going after her tiny new puppy. The pup looked like he was still learning how to walk properly. His mama was very proud, watching him take every new step. Naturally, she was also very concerned so she kept sniffing him, making sure he was ok. After a while, the tiny pup completely snapped!

Perhaps he felt a little too smothered by mom, but this tiny puppy didn’t hold back when lashing out! He kept barking, and sounded so loud for his size. He barked with an intensity that made it sound like he actually meant it. The poor mama dog was totally shaken and taken aback by his behavior.

Perhaps mom was being a little too forceful with her inspections, but she certainly didn’t deserve the ire of her tiny pup! After all, she was just doing her job as a loving mama! Check these two out below:

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